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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Honda to Unveil E-Concepts

While Japan’s big four OEMS have been fairly tight-lipped about their pursuit of electric motorcycles, Honda is one of the first to release plans for a production sportbike. Honda gave a glimpse into the future of the company when it announced its line of production and concept vehicles slated for unveiling at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show. While most of the concept models dealt with personal mobility and offer up ideas on how people can get around in the crowded mega-metropolises of the future, it did reveal an interesting electric sportbike concept called RC-E. 

Scant details were released about Honda’s electric sportbike in advance of the show, but we do know the RC-E has the body of a 250cc racer. Its bodywork is a touch rounder and softer than the CBR1000RR, but it looks to be race-ready with its Mike Hailwood color scheme, Brembos mounted on big dual front discs, and Ohlins suspension. The lack of an exhaust leaves the tail section open and light. No word on the powerplant, but some form of a brushless synchronous motor seems to be the norm in e-motorcycles so far. We’ll know for sure December 3rd when the 42nd
Honda Motorcycle Compo has a removable battery designed for use in everyday applications and can be loaded into the Micro Commuter Concept.
The Honda Motor Compo has a removable battery designed for use in everyday applications and can be loaded into the Micro Commuter Concept shown below.
Honda Micro Commuter Concept  the vehicle which the Motor Compo can be loaded into.
Tokyo Motor Show convenes. Until then, Motorcycle USA's Editorial Director, Ken Hutchison, wrote a bit more detailed account in his Honda RC-E Electric Superbike First Lookarticle. Below we published what Honda had to say about its electric sports bike, along with two other EV offerings slated for unveiling at the show. 

An EV version of a super sports bike that pursues the joy of riding. A powerful and smooth ride unique to an EV model is achieved with the 250cc-class compact body. Mike Hailwood colors. Brembo brakes, Ohlins fork and shock, it looks race ready. 

Motor Compo A compact EV commuter which offers the casual and convenient mobility of a two-wheeler, but also strives to be useful even when it is not being ridden. This model can be loaded in the MICRO COMMUTER CONCEPT, with the battery that drives this commuter detachable and designed to be used as a power source in everyday life. 

E-Canopy A quiet and comfortable next-generation commuter developed by installing an EV system on Honda's unique three-wheeled scooter. In addition to personal use, this vehicle can be utilized for business use such as a delivery service by adopting a rear trunk which can be built-in. 


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